European Chemical Partnering, some insights from RheoCube

European Chemical Partnering, some insights from RheoCube

1 March 2021

The 5th European Chemistry Partnering (ECP) event ran last week, and our CCO Jurjen van Rees was there to connect with the industry and represent RheoCube.

One strong theme across the various discussions at the event was sustainability. As with many other industries, changing consumer demand has put the subject of sustainability on the horizon for many companies across the sector. 

Creating products in a sustainable way often calls for a change in the selection and use of ingredients and components, early in the R&D stage. Sustainable production means that each and every component that goes into a product needs to be scrutinized to match the physical characteristics of not-so sustainable component it’s replacing. For any organization, gaining visibility over the entire supply chain is not easy, but it’s key in working towards their sustainability goals. Our last article on this topic looked at some of those complexities. 

When this level of trial-and-error experimentation is conducted in the lab, it quickly becomes unwieldy. Jurjen outlined the digital alternative, noting RheoCube’s ability to reduce trial-and-error by adopting browser-based digital options.

You can expect us to be at the ECP again next year. For more information on digital transformation and RheoCube’s promotion of sustainability, contact our commercial team.