Q1 at RheoCube – fast growth, new funding and rapid innovation

Q1 at RheoCube – fast growth, new funding and rapid innovation

22 April 2021

RheoCube’s journey through 2021 so far has been full of wins for both the product and our company. From locking down our venture capital funding to successful launches of RheoCube’s latest releases, Q1 has been a whirlwind. Here are just a few of the highlights we are proud to share.


In February, we announced our 2 Million USD funding for international expansion. Successful funding from investors JOIN Capital and Holland Capital showcased keen interest in RheoCube, propelling us towards further development and commercialization. Subsequently, this funding has been key to the success of so many of our highlights from this year. Proving that with the right backing, our Simulation-as-a-Service software continues to fast-track the digitalization of experimental R&D

RheoCube product releases 

Within Q1 alone, our hardworking team has rolled out two major RheoCube product releases. Both releases had heavy focuses on improving user experience and honing in further on R&D experimentation methods. Understanding the results of simulations is key to progressing any research. Experimental scientists in R&D want to know how and why their experiments are behaving in a certain way. Our latest developments in RheoCube continue to answer these questions by expanding upon the tools in our powerful Simulation-as-a-Service. We have seen RheoCube’s updates continue to optimize the powerful software. We’ve updated the program’s modeling capacity and capabilities, strengthened data visualization and data analysis efforts, and cleaned up it’s project management and tracking abilities. Continue to check in on our updates as we regularly work to improve and optimize RheoCube for the best predictive simulations for experimental R&D scientists. 

Expanding our digital footprint

This year, RheoCube has a fully grown marketing team! As a result of their efforts the last few months we’ve have grown our social media presence. On LinkedIn we’ve seen a 31% increase in followers, expanding our outreach with tailored advertising campaigns and a content-heavy focus. Hopping over to Twitter, we’ve seen numbers skyrocketing on the platform with our regular series (co-created with our stellar scientific consultants and modeling experts) #Simulation Friday. In addition, as Bill Gates once wrote, “Content is king”, and our in-house experts are here to tell you the continually expanding story of RheoCube. 

Growing our departments 

We’ve boosted up the modeling team, filling new roles with expert scientists from varied backgrounds. In addition, we have an ever-expanding commercial team with new sales development representatives ready to expand upon our extensive client portfolio. Coming together from 4 continents and over 10 nationalities, the RheoCube team is global and diverse. Mirroring the aims of RheoCube, our team continues to expand internationally, and with it strengthening the backbone of our product. 

Particle Creation Webinar 

One of the best parts of working for RheoCube is when we share in the product capabilities live in our webinars. This quarter, we hosted our first webinar of the year with a senior research scientist, scientific consultant, and specialty modeling expert. Over 50 attendees got a close-up view of digital particle creation with RheoCube as well as some in-depth information about how our Simulation-as-a-Software works. We found out interesting bits of information from attendees as well. Taking part in our live polls, we found that 80% of our attendees were keen on using simulation software to get more in-depth looks into their materials. This and upcoming webinars have proven to stir up further interest in our product as well as connect us to the public in a low-pressure environment. Interested in taking part in our next webinar? Sign up for our upcoming event here.

Final Words on Q1

In conclusion, we had an exciting first quarter of 2021. Our achievements have only energized us to further optimize RheoCube for R&D experimental scientists. We believe that digitalization is key to the success of experimental R&D. As of now, RheoCube is the only simulation software on the market that gives R&D scientists the opportunity to deep-dive into their materials within experiments. Our achievements this past quarter are laying the ground in expanding our product capabilities, and we are looking forward to what the rest of 2021 holds for us. 

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