Q1 roundup at RheoCube

Q1 roundup at RheoCube

2022 got off to a flying start at RheoCube. We welcomed yet more colleagues to our team, dived into a range of new product updates and attended more meetings and events than ever. In the midst of all that, we also saw some big goals become tangible. Projects such as RheoCube 1.0 and a new company website are real – and in motion.

More team members

RheoCube is growing fast! The team lunch table is getting fuller and fuller, and the coffee machine is busier than ever. This quarter alone, our team grew by 5 people and some more new faces will have joined us by the end of April.

More product development

A host of new updates were delivered to the current version of RheoCube. Amongst these, we delivered the possiblility to preprocess compositions. On the modeling side of things we achieved improved behavior of surfactants in Rheocube. At the same time, our data analysis and visualization team brought us tiling and rotation in simulation videos, making it easier to see things like phase transitions. That’s just some of what’s been happening with RheoCube over the past few months. To ask about these changes, contact one of our team.

Meetings, meetings, meetings

A big part of this quarter has been spent getting out there and talking to people. We’ve connected with peers and spoken at events such as Cleaning Products Europe and InCosmetics Global. We visited New York, speaking to people interested in what RheoCube can do. There’s more to come, with the World Surfactants Conference and Lubricant Expo on the horizon!

If you are attending any of these events and would like to speak to us in person, sign up for your own digital R&D consulation here.

The work continues, as does planning for our post launch team night out. Follow our progress and get the latest on digital R&D, follow us on Linkedin and Twitter.