Q2 at RheoCube – the momentum continues

Q2 at RheoCube – the momentum continues

August 2021

RheoCube’s progress through 2021 continues at a solid pace. During Q2 we introduced cutting-edge new features to RheoCube, which continue to strengthen the product for users. RheoCube’s team grew, with a host of expert new colleagues. These fresh faces have joined our modeling, consultancy, and commercial departments. Over time we also dove into our rebranding project, and continued to share our knowledge via a series of informative webinars. Read more about the highlights below. 

New features to the product

An entirely new addition to RheoCube’s digital platform is the introduction of CPU-based mesoscale simulations with particle previews. A fresh tool for RheoCube users, this allows you to zoom in and fully rotate particle previews for better inspections. Just as exciting, a new addition to our platform are isosurfaces in interactive visualization. This beta release of the widget has the ability to generate an isosurface for any blob attribute. In short, users benefit from this by having various kinds of visualization, such as smooth surfaces. 

Triple the man power 

Some of the brightest minds in the industry have joined our modeling, commercial, and consultancy teams in Q2. Importantly, we’ve gained a star Product Owner who has become the pivotal link between RheoCube and our clientele. Moreoever, new experts in our micro and meso scale modeling teams are enabling us to further grow RheoCube’s tool base. Our growing expert team is giving our users more insights and control over experiments with RheoCube’s on-demand platform. Are you interested in joining? Click here to check out our openings today.

Interactive webinar series 

In 2021 we’ve curated several in-depth, interactive webinars. Setting up this webinar series has allowed for a deeper understanding of what RheoCube is made of. For example, our last Q2 webinar, Introduction to Modeling, provided our audience with breakthrough information on what was regarded as a complex topic. Presenters covered our digital platform’s virtual modeling capabilities and were able to “put it into practice” as a teachable moment. Our RheoCube webinars are continuing strong through 2021, stay tuned to join us in future sessions.

Transport drives surfactants (grey) to assemble at the interface of an oil droplet (red) in water (blue)

Curious about more? Read about electrons, atoms and molecules in our latest blog, Stories from the Microscale, by modeling expert Christophe Vaillant, PhD. 

For more information on how RheoCube can complement your R&D journey, click here to get in touch with our team today.